Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Lee (a.k.a. Catfish and Catfishman), I’m in my late fourties, lazy and back in May of this year (2016), told by my jerk doctor (I’m joking – he’s great – and right), that need to lose weight. Being lazy, I thought I would start off by doing something I know I can handle: walking. Another thing I like to do is take pictures, and these are two things that go hand in hand, so I used the excuse of wanting to take pictures as the reason to get off my ass and walk… So I started this blog.

Well a few months have passed and along with the walking, I started tracking (and limiting) my caloric intake, all quite easy things to do, and I am really seeing positive results. As of this morning, July 27, 2016, I am at 201.7 pounds (91.5 kg) – heavy, but a loss of 15.7 pounds since May 21, 2016. I’m hoping to hit 180 pounds by my birthday in late September…