Walking Fish Creek – August 29, 2016 (5.93 km/3.67 miles)

Well, this is posted out of order…

Thought I might end up not getting a walking today, but managed to squeeze one in at the end of the day with my buddy Manfred. Walked just under six kilometers. It would have been a better walk had we not been eaten alive by the freakin’ mosquitoes!


A Nice “I Ate Too Much At Supper and Have to Walk Some of it Off” Walk in Fish Creek Park–August 21, 2016 (6.55 km/4.7 miles)

After a great dinner at the in-laws, I felt like burning off a little of it so I could snack later without feeling like I was cheating (yeah, yeah – pathetic, I know). Anyway, I gave my good buddy a call to see if he was up for a walk, letting him know that if he was too chicken to go for a walk, it was okay. He was in. Apparently all you have to do is call him a chicken and he’ll do something just to prove he’s not, in fact, a chicken – just like Marty McFly. Perfect.

Well, it was a warm evening after an even warmer day. The trails were pretty dry – a nice change after all the storms we’ve been having over the last few months. Amazing what two or three days of nice weather will do.  As usual, we saw a few deer, this time a mother and two older fawns standing in Fish Creek.

We kept the pace pretty casual, which was good, as my shins were still pretty sore from the running I had done a few days earlier, but we still managed to get in a good six and a half kilometers, making my total for the day just over eighteen kilometers. I think I earned that snack!