A Walk and Then a Bit of a Ride – September 1, 2014 (17.62 km/10.95 miles)

A freakin’ great day to get out, too bad I spent the first part of it dealing with a computer upgrade. Not that the upgrade wasn’t a good thing… It’s just that I could have been outside!

I finally managed to get out about one thirty in the afternoon, to the usual spot. Started out with a walk, completing a loop of the three parks in about an hour. It was nice and sunny, and a bit warm. Quite a few people were out enjoying the day, especially for a Thursday mid afternoon. I took my SLR camera with me, so jogging would have been impractical, but I managed to snap a few nice pictures with it, so it was worth carrying around. As I was cycling for the next part of my workout, taking the camera would just be stupid, so I tried to really take advantage of it. I mean, what’s the point of lugging a heavy camera if you’re not going to take pictures with it?

After the walk at the car, I put the camera away, refilled my water bottle, pulled my bike out of the car, and headed off for two loops through these three beautiful parks. I tried to keep the pace up a bit, but still manage a leisurely ride. I averaged 16 kilometers per hour, over a forty-three minute ride (11.6 km). I was thinking about possibly another loop or two, but I was feeling a little wiped after these two and decided to not over do it today and stopped at the two. I have to say that II really noticed that on this ride that I have to adjust the height of my seat, as I’m not extending my legs enough when riding. I’m pretty sure that will improve my efficiency when riding, as it feels like I’m expending more energy than necessary on these rides.  I’m looking forward to seeing how adjusting that will affect the ride. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Check out some of the photos from today below, or click here to go to the album on Flickr


Riding Through Bowmont, Baker and Bowness Parks – August 30, 2016 (31.17 km/19.36 miles)

Well, the biking thing hasn’t killed me yet…
Decided to head out late this morning with the bike to ride my usual walking route of Baker, Bowmont and Bowness parks. The weather was just amazing, and I was originally thinking that I would ride a loop or two, and then end by walking the route, but instead I just ended up having so much fun riding that I just rode the loop five times. That ended up being a good thirty-one kilometer workout… Sweet!

The parks were pretty busy for a Tuesday morning/afternoon, but the weather was most likely the main reason for that. Quite a few people were taking advantage of the rays and renting canoes and paddle boats, or riding the train in Bowness Park. Me? I just rode and rode.
I’m pretty sure my ass will be sore tomorrow, as I’m not used to the bike seat, but I know it could be way worse, as I have a pretty comfy seat. That said, maybe tomorrow I will walk!

12 Kilometers Before Noon – Sunday August 21, 2016

I know this post is out of chronological order, but that’s how things go sometimes…

I managed to get out Sunday, August 21, 2016 for a nice walk on an amazingly beautiful morning. Walking my usual Baker, Bowmont and Bowness parks loop, I was able to keep up a pretty quick pace, despite still suffering shin pains from my running a few days earlier.



























Holy Crap, That’s What 20 Kilometers Feels Like

I know that I should vary the places I walk, but I really do like my “go to” walk of the Baker, Bowmont and Bowness parks. It’s about a six kilometer loop of a walk that’s really easy on the eyes and very easy to change up due to the various side trails. I usually do two loops, coming in around twelve kilometers, and once in a while doing it three times for about eighteen kilometers. Today I decided I wanted to do the full three laps. The weather was pretty good, and I was feeling pretty good also, so when I was coming near to then of the third loop through the parks an idea came to me: let’s do twenty kilometers. An extra two kilometers isn’t much at all after already walking eighteen, so it was more of a psychological achievement than a physical one, but none the less, I’m pretty happy I did it. I was rained on a little for the last kilometer and a half, but it was actually a lot more refreshing than annoying. My legs are a little rubbery as I write this, but damn, it feels good to say I walked twenty kilometers.

I know, I know… Another Walk in Baker, Bowmont and Bowness Parks – August 11, 2016 (10.18 km/6.32 miles)

Yet another walk in my usual haunts. A little shorter today as rain moved in. I managed to get back to the car just in time!

Yes, Another Walk in Baker, Bowness and Bowmont Parks – August 9, 2016 (12.1 km/7.5 miles)

Yet another walk in these three beautiful parks in Calgary’s North West. It was a great afternoon, with temperatures around 24° Celsius with a few clouds. As usual on a nice afternoon, there were a few people boating/floating on the Bow river, as well as plenty of dogs and there owners taking in the sun and the water. Also, though it’s been operating for over a week and despite hearing it’s horn blow almost every day, this was the first time this Summer that I actually saw the train in Bowness operating!