Riding Through Bowmont, Baker and Bowness Parks – August 30, 2016 (31.17 km/19.36 miles)

Well, the biking thing hasn’t killed me yet…
Decided to head out late this morning with the bike to ride my usual walking route of Baker, Bowmont and Bowness parks. The weather was just amazing, and I was originally thinking that I would ride a loop or two, and then end by walking the route, but instead I just ended up having so much fun riding that I just rode the loop five times. That ended up being a good thirty-one kilometer workout… Sweet!

The parks were pretty busy for a Tuesday morning/afternoon, but the weather was most likely the main reason for that. Quite a few people were taking advantage of the rays and renting canoes and paddle boats, or riding the train in Bowness Park. Me? I just rode and rode.
I’m pretty sure my ass will be sore tomorrow, as I’m not used to the bike seat, but I know it could be way worse, as I have a pretty comfy seat. That said, maybe tomorrow I will walk!


12 Kilometers Before Noon – Sunday August 21, 2016

I know this post is out of chronological order, but that’s how things go sometimes…

I managed to get out Sunday, August 21, 2016 for a nice walk on an amazingly beautiful morning. Walking my usual Baker, Bowmont and Bowness parks loop, I was able to keep up a pretty quick pace, despite still suffering shin pains from my running a few days earlier.



























Cut Short By a Crap-Load of Pain: Baker, Bowmont and Bowness – August 18, 2016 (5.7 km/3.54 miles)

I was pretty sure I was going to pay today for the running I did yesterday, and I was right. I woke up pretty sore, but not too badly so. It was raining in the morning, so I decided to get in some sit ups, ad well as some bicep curls (using resistance tubing – I don’t have room for weights). Once I was done all that, I noticed that it had stopped raining, so I decided to go out for my walk. As it was later than I had planned to head out, I just went to my regular place to walk, the Baker, Bowmont and Bowness parks loop. The walk started out fine, despite my legs being a little achy. Fine until I decided that I was going to jog across the span of the Stoney Trail bridge. Normally this would be fine, but apparently today isn’t normal. I made it across the bridge, but when I stopped on the other side, both my shins were just killing me. I immediately came to the conclusion that there would be no more running today. I completed my first loop as usual, if slightly slower, but decided that one loop was enough for today!







And a Second Walk, This Time in Fish Creek (6.36 Km/3.95 Miles)

So, I managed to get a second walk in this evening, this time in Fish Creek with my buddy. That makes today’s walking total over eighteen kilometers for the day. The mosquitoes were out in force, but the bug spray seemed to be pretty effective tonight. We saw about four deer tonight.

Joggity-Jog-Jog… Baker, Bowmont and Bowness – August 15, 2016 (11.59 km/7.2 miles)

Same old places, but I mixed it up a bit by jogging short sections on the second loop through the three parks. Now don’t get me wrong: I still walked most of it, but jogged more bits than I have in the past. I would jog until my calf started to complaining, walk for a while, jog again and repeat. Managed to get the heart rate up and aside from the expected aches and complaints, I feel pretty damn good. Hehehehe… Now, lets see if I can say the same thing tomorrow morning!

Bonus: I saw a woodpecker!


Holy Crap, That’s What 20 Kilometers Feels Like

I know that I should vary the places I walk, but I really do like my “go to” walk of the Baker, Bowmont and Bowness parks. It’s about a six kilometer loop of a walk that’s really easy on the eyes and very easy to change up due to the various side trails. I usually do two loops, coming in around twelve kilometers, and once in a while doing it three times for about eighteen kilometers. Today I decided I wanted to do the full three laps. The weather was pretty good, and I was feeling pretty good also, so when I was coming near to then of the third loop through the parks an idea came to me: let’s do twenty kilometers. An extra two kilometers isn’t much at all after already walking eighteen, so it was more of a psychological achievement than a physical one, but none the less, I’m pretty happy I did it. I was rained on a little for the last kilometer and a half, but it was actually a lot more refreshing than annoying. My legs are a little rubbery as I write this, but damn, it feels good to say I walked twenty kilometers.

Walking Broken – Dealing With an Injury

My tattooed and injured leg.  

I have been dealing with an injury to my left calf muscle for over a month, and it sucks.

I started this walking thing back on May 21, 2016, a couple of weeks after being told by my Doctor that I need to lose some weight and work on bringing down my cholesterol levels. Up until that point I had managed to coast these 46 years (okay, almost 47), without having a Doctor tell me that I had to make any changes. I knew that was going to change eventually, and it did. So, since May 21, 2016, I’ve been walking like a walking fool, as well as watching what I eat in order to drop my weight, and not to have to bother with any drugs to control cholesterol.

It’s been working great.

Well, mostly.

Three weeks after I started this, I decided to look at other areas where I could get some more exercise. I have had a Nintendo Wii video game console that I really haven’t used for years. Well, the Wii, being known for it’s innovative use ofWii-Console motion controls, has a large number of fitness related game titles, as well as accessories. One of these items is a balance board type of device that measures weight and movement and such. It was originally released with the title, Wii Fit, but other titles also took advantage of it.
I purchased one second had, as well as the Wii Fit Plus title (like Wii Fit, but with extra exercises), and started using it. First thing I will say about it is this: don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t burn calories and lose weight playing a video game. They are dead wrong. Withing a few minutes I was sweating like a freakin’… like a sweaty guy (I like pigs, so no need to insult them). I actually really started having fun with the Wii and the Wii Fit Plus games, while managing to burn some calories on  some rainier days.

Maybe I was having a little too much fun. I was in the middle of my fourth day of exercising using the Wii , and in the middle of a ten minute run when I heard a wet snapping noise from my left leg and immediately felt excruciating pain in that calf. The pain lessened when I sat down, but it was still there. Needless to say, I was done for the day. When I awoke the next day, the pain was still there, but I was determined (and stubborn), to go walking anyway.  I managed to walk about five kilometers (just a hair over three miles) – not bad, but far short of the twelve to fifteen kilometers that I had worked up to. Over the next while I kept walking. I found a pace and a specific gait that allowed me to continue to walk without too much pain. Sure, I was hurting a lot when done, and especially the next morning, but with a couple of Ibuprofen… well, hey, it wasn’t that bad. I started to definitely feel like I was healing too. The walks got longer again, with a bit of discomfort. Then one day, a month and a little bit after the initial injury, I was feeling particularly good, and was almost done a twelve kilometer walk, I just managed to snag the toe of my shoe on the edge of a bike path, only slightly jarring my leg, and I felt like the moment I first hurt myself.

Damn… So, doing what I should have when the injury first happened, I went to my Doctor. He examined me and informed me that I most likely managed to tear my calf muscle. He pointed out a groove that was apparent on the front of my leg – showing the inflammation  that was there. He told me to take it easy (and to continue with taking ibuprofen when needed), but at least he didn’t say I had to stop walking. To tell the truth, I think that was my fear that kept me from seeing the Doctor in the first place: the thought that he would tell me to stop walking. You see, I was really starting to see some progress: my weight was dropping, my endurance was growing, and damn it, people were starting to say that they were seeing a difference in the way I was looking. I was happy to know that wasn’t going to have to stop walking. Now, to be honest, I think that if I had seen the Doctor when I initially hurt myself, he most likely would have told me to stop for a bit.

Now we’re getting close to two months since I hurt myself, and I still feel it every day. Yet I’m getting out almost every day, making sure to put in as many kilometers behind me as possible. The only real change I’ve made is not hesitating to slow up the pace when needed, and to occasionally stop for a bit. I feel stronger everyday, and I’m still losing the pounds. The lesson I learned is to see the Doctor when you feel like you need to see the Doctor. Hell, he even told me I was looking good, for all the work I’ve put in. Nothing wrong with a little ego boost when you’re working hard at a goal.

So, long story long: I got hurt, but didn’t let it stop me. You might get hurt once in a while, but don’t let that stop you (well, depending on how bad you’re hurt, of course). Just don’t be afraid to slow down, change your pace or even take a break once in a while. Also, don’t be afraid to see your Doctor when you need to.