Walking Fish Creek – August 29, 2016 (5.93 km/3.67 miles)

Well, this is posted out of order…

Thought I might end up not getting a walking today, but managed to squeeze one in at the end of the day with my buddy Manfred. Walked just under six kilometers. It would have been a better walk had we not been eaten alive by the freakin’ mosquitoes!


I Got 99 Problems and a Blog Host Is One

So, I’m having problems with my blog due to the amount of photos I post. Yep, I’ve run out of storage on WordPress.com. Now, I have a crap load of photo storage in the cloud, with Google Photos, Flickr and other online photo services, but it seems to be a real pain in the ass to embed photos from these services when using a WordPress.com hosted blog. There are plugins for WordPress that lets you easily add photos and galleries from these services, but these don’t work on the aforementioned WordPress.com hosted sites. I’ve kind of found a kludgy work a round, but it’s freakin’ time consuming and awkward. I could use Blogger.com which has good integration with Google Photos (as they are a Google – or ABC- property), and I have used Tumblr, but neither are really what I’m looking for. They’re both okay… Well, I think blogger is just really ugly, and something about Tumblr screams Hipster to me (tell me and prove to me I’m wrong, please). But, yeah, both seem kind of lacking. One of the major issues is that I can’t currently think about paying for a good, proper host, like Squarespace or something, as funds are kind of tight at the moment. Eventually, though, something like that will be the ultimate answer.

Hmmm… Any suggestions, My Internet savvy friends?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have an awesome day.

12 Kilometers Before Noon – Sunday August 21, 2016

I know this post is out of chronological order, but that’s how things go sometimes…

I managed to get out Sunday, August 21, 2016 for a nice walk on an amazingly beautiful morning. Walking my usual Baker, Bowmont and Bowness parks loop, I was able to keep up a pretty quick pace, despite still suffering shin pains from my running a few days earlier.



























A Nice “I Ate Too Much At Supper and Have to Walk Some of it Off” Walk in Fish Creek Park–August 21, 2016 (6.55 km/4.7 miles)

After a great dinner at the in-laws, I felt like burning off a little of it so I could snack later without feeling like I was cheating (yeah, yeah – pathetic, I know). Anyway, I gave my good buddy a call to see if he was up for a walk, letting him know that if he was too chicken to go for a walk, it was okay. He was in. Apparently all you have to do is call him a chicken and he’ll do something just to prove he’s not, in fact, a chicken – just like Marty McFly. Perfect.

Well, it was a warm evening after an even warmer day. The trails were pretty dry – a nice change after all the storms we’ve been having over the last few months. Amazing what two or three days of nice weather will do.  As usual, we saw a few deer, this time a mother and two older fawns standing in Fish Creek.

We kept the pace pretty casual, which was good, as my shins were still pretty sore from the running I had done a few days earlier, but we still managed to get in a good six and a half kilometers, making my total for the day just over eighteen kilometers. I think I earned that snack!