Another Day, Another 24 Kilometers of Bike Riding

After yesterdays painful walk, I awoke this morning with the idea of a bike ride for today. The logic being that a bike ride should technically be a lower imapct workout. I’m not 100 percent sure if that’s true, but it was a good ride nonetheless. The only real downside to riding ober walking, is that I take a lot fewer photos.

I headed out to the usual places (Baker, Bowmont and Bowness parks), aroung 1:30 PM. Although still a little cool, it was a less gloomy today, with a mix of sun and clouds as opposed to the dark, grey day that was yesterday in Calgary.

The route I took today is my usual walking route, and it crosses the Bow river in two places.
The total distance is right around six kilometers, so when I’m walking I usually do two loops for a twelve kilometer walk. Occasionally I will walk the loop third time. Riding a bike is a hell of a lot faster, so I add several extra loops, so I can burn some more calories. Today I did the loop four times for a total of twenty four kilometers. I was contemplating a fifth, making it thirty kilometers, but to be honest, my ass was starting to get sore from sitting on the bike seat. Twenty four would have to do!



I Got 99 Problems and a Blog Host Is One

So, I’m having problems with my blog due to the amount of photos I post. Yep, I’ve run out of storage on Now, I have a crap load of photo storage in the cloud, with Google Photos, Flickr and other online photo services, but it seems to be a real pain in the ass to embed photos from these services when using a hosted blog. There are plugins for WordPress that lets you easily add photos and galleries from these services, but these don’t work on the aforementioned hosted sites. I’ve kind of found a kludgy work a round, but it’s freakin’ time consuming and awkward. I could use which has good integration with Google Photos (as they are a Google – or ABC- property), and I have used Tumblr, but neither are really what I’m looking for. They’re both okay… Well, I think blogger is just really ugly, and something about Tumblr screams Hipster to me (tell me and prove to me I’m wrong, please). But, yeah, both seem kind of lacking. One of the major issues is that I can’t currently think about paying for a good, proper host, like Squarespace or something, as funds are kind of tight at the moment. Eventually, though, something like that will be the ultimate answer.

Hmmm… Any suggestions, My Internet savvy friends?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have an awesome day.

Joggity-Jog-Jog… Baker, Bowmont and Bowness – August 15, 2016 (11.59 km/7.2 miles)

Same old places, but I mixed it up a bit by jogging short sections on the second loop through the three parks. Now don’t get me wrong: I still walked most of it, but jogged more bits than I have in the past. I would jog until my calf started to complaining, walk for a while, jog again and repeat. Managed to get the heart rate up and aside from the expected aches and complaints, I feel pretty damn good. Hehehehe… Now, lets see if I can say the same thing tomorrow morning!

Bonus: I saw a woodpecker!


Sunday at Fish Creek Provincial Park (4.41 km/2.74 miles)

A short but nice walk in Fish Creek Park with my buddy and his kid’s dog, Ripley. We kept up  a good pace, set by Ripley the excited Beagle, and would have been a much longer walk but the weather turned bad, as severe thunderstorms rolled in.

Walk in Baker, Bowness and Bowmont Parks, July 29, 2016 (10.32 km/6.4 miles)

Another nice walk in my usual, go to place. Great place to walk and the loop I do is almost exactly 6 kilometers. There are a couple washrooms along the way, and the scenery varies. If you are looking for a pretty easy walk in Calgary’s North West, it’s hard to beat these three parks.